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Designer Maker, researches world vintage embroidery to save long lost embroideries, styles and stitches to create her own designs applied to make bed linen, curtain panels and home accessories on organic cotton and silk. Done cutwork known as Colbert across France, Spain, Greece, Poland, a rich heritage from Italy, Shadow Embroidery known as Chikan, a rich remnant of the Mughals.

Linen has not been touched by any chemical, not even bleached ! All using nature's bounty given to us.

Outsources only eco-friendly materials and support local communities in disadvantaged parts of the world. Focuses on sustainable living.

Can take bespoke orders, and delivery within Bristol is FREE.

Blog :
Is also a Consultant with the UN, and a  full fledged Designer specialised in Advertising, Branding, Packaging, Book Art, Print and Media, E-Commerce, Institutional Communication. Been Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi. 
Works in traditional Watercolour and mixed media, digital painting, and illustration, is Multilingual, loves animals and the sea.
Would like to have 2 donkeys, 3 cows, 3 dogs, 4 goats, 1 camel, 1 fox, 6 chickens. Wears black a lot but loves white and pastels are her favourite colours.
Her father wished she became a lawyer, her mother a writer, but she chose to a be designer.
Think you could need any of her skills ? drop her a line or a call.
All advice is free. 
A chat over a cuppa always a pleasure !

Contact details

Email address: 
North Road, St Andrews
Bristol BS65AJ
Phone: +117 047510895641
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