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Creative Lives: Get Creative Outdoors This Summer - How To Get Involved!

Get Creative Outdoors is a campaign and festival run by a dynamic group of cultural and environmental organisations (including amongst others the BBC, Creative Lives, Arts Council, Crafts Council, RSPB, Historic England and others), to celebrate and support the everyday creativity happening across the UK in the open air. It aims to inspire people to try something new, and encourage those already being creative to share their passion with others. 

From 22 June - mid-September 2021, we’ll be promoting 'Get Creative Outdoors', with three main strands: 

1. Sharing creative activities which people can do outside - Asking groups and organisations across the UK, like yours, to post creative activities onto the Get Creative website, which people can take part in outdoors, at their leisure - either in a public space or even in their own garden. 

2. Encouraging new creative events outdoors - Encouraging groups and organisations who are able to run an outdoor event (while complying with current Covid-19 restrictions) to provide opportunities for the public to be creative outdoors. Event organisers can use the Get Creative Toolkit (click to download the PDF) to publicise their event and badge it as being part of the campaign/festival.

3. Promoting existing events as part of Get Creative Outdoors - Organisations who are already planning to host creative events outside during the summer, can add details to the Get Creative website, and badge their event as being part of the Get Creative Outdoors festival.

From 5 July onwards, we’ll be encouraging members of the public to search to find fun creative activities and events to take part in this summer. Ahead of this date, we will also send out a press release, which will be circulated beforehand.

Aside from anything you may be running yourself, if you happen across any creative events taking place outdoors, please let us know by sending a quick email to and we will contact the organisers and encourage them to add their event to the Get Creative website. 

Get Creative Outdoors Campaign Resources

We have prepared a set of resources that you can use to help spread the word about Get Creative Outdoors. These include:

1. Technical guidance for uploading events and activities to

- Follow a step-by-step guide on how to submit an event
- Follow a step-by-step guide on how to submit an activity

 2. Ready-made communications material (text and visuals) tailored to different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram):

Access content via Dropbox

Remember to include #GetCreativeOutdoors and tag @getcreativeuk in all your social media posts. This will help us monitor and evaluate the campaign’s performance once it finishes in mid-September. 

3.  Toolkit for event organisers - a helpful pack to share with groups and organisations in your network, that are planning to organise creative events/activities outdoors. This includes posters and templates for them to badge their event as being part of Get Creative Outdoors. 

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Breathing Spaces

Mon, 26/07/2021 - Sun, 01/08/2021

Contemporay Paintings Solo Exhibition

“I see the world through a shattered glass, I see how the light is fragmented by the shards and I represent it that way”. After working in the fashion and graphic design industries for more than two decades, TG Freeson believed all figures could be synthesised in a single black line, but, unsatisfied with using colour just as a mere graphic tool, they furthered their studies and understood that everything could be fragmented and synthesised into planes of view and light.

For T.G. Freeson, the true meaning of art is to convey a complete sense of sincerity. The artist
is not searching for what is deemed canonically beautiful, or the beauty in the “artistic genius’ expression” but it is more important to communicate a complete sense of sincerity. Looking at Caravaggio’s and Rembrandt’s research for the true and “gritty” nature of the “every day life”, T.G. Freeson moves away from “what is perceived as beautiful”, and instead refer a sense of sincerity that represents their artistic subjective reality.

The artist has a very meticulous approach to the representation of their subjects. “First, I sketch them with a black pen, then I use shadows to understand the ways objects are, and I synthesise them to a single black line. Then, I represent them with colours”. When asked why they use black for their sket- ches, they answered that “even though physics tells us the union of all colours is white, I do believe black represents them all. Black absorbs all wavelengths. White represents the ab- sence, black represents everything.”

The upcoming exhibitions will show the artist’s view of the world. Working on two parallel and sometimes crossing ways of depiction the artists expresses both their state of mind and their technical studies. The compositions called “Seascape” show TG Freeson’s more study based and technical way of portraying the world. On the other hand “The Dawn of the Mountains” has the clear intention of showing the artist’s inner processes and their ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world).

Free entrance 11am - 5pm


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Where the light falls

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Pixel Mining - Stephen Cornford

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