Hamilton House - Coexist

Coexist have transformed the inside of Hamilton House in Stokes Croft into a range of airy light studios, offices and workshops. The range of different people and organisations working alongside each other is inspiring. Artists, social entrepreneurs, craftspeople and community groups. We welcome people of all backgrounds and specialisations. Environmentalists, community co-ordinators, fashionistas, photographers, sculptors, designers, web and life gurus, poverty reduction people, teachers, learners, writers, singers, dancers, doers, puppet, print and policy makers, painters, healers, pen pushers, promoters, and all sorts of food, arts and health activists. And that's just the people who are already involved.

Please click this link for more information - www.hamiltonhouse.org/studios/

Hamilton House

80 Stokes Croft

Bristol, BS1 3QY

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