Saturday 31st August 2019

Hear Lies Disagreement: Artist Open Call
At what point does conversation become altercation? How do we work through different points of view?

Monday 5th August 2019

Redbrick House Creative Community: Studio, desk & co-working space available
Start coworking at Redbrick House and only pay for the hours you need.

Sunday 1st September 2019

Rob Lunn: Quick Start Art - Oil Painting Portraiture Workshop Bookings Open
A 2-day workshop designed to immerse you in the creation of a portrait from start to finish.

Sunday 1st September 2019

Future Bright: A bright first year for Future Bright!
Future Bright, the £4m skills programme managed by the West of England Combined Authority, has had a successful first year, helping local people with career advice, training and support.

Saturday 10th August 2019

Creative Coach for artists, designers, makers etc.,
“Lots of really useful advice and information that I shall be getting on with over the next few weeks. Instagram seems to be paying dividends already now that I have got my head around it.

Thursday 29th August 2019

19 | Alexandra road is now 19 | Gather and Create and we have events on this Autumn!!
Hello some of you will have visited us or been on a workshop at Nineteen in the past...well, we are back and have a great set of workshops and events this Autumn including:

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