Judith Gait: Troubadours Sailing Hibiscus Seas Available Now

Emeritus Professor of Psychology from the University of Bath, Richard Velleman writes: This remarkable book deserves a wide readership. It is written by Fr.X (not I think a priest, but someone who might have been a father if there had not been an abortion) and painted and photographed by Judith Gait MA an artist and art educator/ teacher, and  someone who has worked with those with mental health problems and other challenging behaviours.

This book juxtaposes as it does meditations (often beautifully poetic and insightful) with the most arresting images (both painted and photographic) creates a stunning and affirming document.  "Troubadours Sailing Hibiscus Seas" is a work of grief counselling, poetry, social commentary and visual art. Father X may not reveal his identity here but the reader comes to know intimate details about relationships and emotions surrounding the death of his only child. Gait and Father X describe their efforts as a "silent prayer of witness for all the ghost families, those Phantoms of Sorrows, who will never laugh or cry together as a family because of an abortion" They hope that prying open the tightly locked matter of abortion will help heal those who have had an abortion or who are victimized in some way. This is a book which repays both a brief and a more detailed examination. Thank you, Judith Gait and Father X

"Troubadours Sailing Hibiscus Seas" is available by emailing Judith Gait at gaitlaan@gmail.com Price £15.95 including postage within UK

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