Ore & Ingot: Bronze Casting Workshops

Have you ever wanted to create in bronze? Learn how to harness molten metal for art? Or just fancy a creative and unique weekend?

Join us, where we will walk you through the ancient process of lost wax bronze casting. Come with or without skills. We will work with you from the beginning and over the two days, you will create your very own cast bronze sculpture.

We've released dates for our regular monthly Bristol Bronze Club starting with 5th-6th June, 3 & 4 July 7 & 8 August and monthly until the end of the year.

£300.00 for the two days workshop - see below for full details:

Bristol Bronze Club.

A two day workshop, where you will learn an introduction to lost wax bronze casting, using the ceramic shell casting technique. The weekend is taught in small groups to allow as much contact time as possible. You'll learn an overview of the foundry process while creating your own sculpture.

On the first day, you will learn how to do waxwork for the lost wax process. You will also learn about the ceramic shell process.

Day two, it is the pour day. Which will begin with burning out the mould, - the 'lost wax' part of the process. In the afternoon, you will learn about pouring bronze artworks and an introduction to metal finishing techniques. By the end of the time, you will have your very own bronze sculpture.

Come with or without skills, we will start at the beginning.

Using the ‘direct wax casting’ technique which means using wax to make a model, forming and sculpting it like clay or plasticine. You will then casting these objects in bronze.

We will be keeping group size to 4 total, for safety.

Please note there will be a dog in the workshop.

Taught by David Snoo Wilson

To find out more and to book your place visit Courses

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