Voluntary Arts: #CreativeChampions Call Out - Get In Touch To Get Connected!

As the pandemic lockdown begins to ease, Voluntary Arts are offering to provide support to '#CreativeChampions' across England as they begin to think about running their activities in person once again. 

If you lead, organise or provide a venue for creative cultural activities that take place regularly in social groups in England then get in touch via this online contact form and help us to identify the skills and resources needed to support your groups creative activity in 2021 and beyond. 

Voluntary Arts
 works to promote and increase active participation in creative cultural activities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This encompasses everything from traditional amateur arts and crafts (singing, drama, dancing, quilting, painting, photography, writing, etc) to digital arts, street art, creative cookery and gardening - from knitting a jumper to playing a guitar, making a short film to arranging flowers, from self-governed constituted amateur arts groups to informal get-togethers and individual everyday creativity - from the 'serious amateur' to the occasional participant.

Our purpose is to celebrate, encourage and champion people expressing themselves creatively in their everyday lives and practising their creativity socially with other people. We plan to run this connection campaign annually so that we can make contact with, and support, new and existing Creative Champions!

Don't forget to complete our online contact form here -  https://bit.ly/AskChampions or follow #CreativeChampions on social media and please do share this call out with your contacts and networks:

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