Linking The Greens: Public Art Commissions

South Gloucestershire Council wishes to commission a lead artist to develop a public art scheme for the Linking the Greens project to link the new communities of Emersons Green & Lyde Green across Newlands Bridge.

This brief is the first stage of delivering the wider public art project and is for artist’s fees to develop a commissioning plan including detailed designs for the scheme. The commission is for an artist to work collaboratively with the project team especially the landscape designer responsible for designing and implementing the public realm in order to jointly agree where the artist’s work will be best focused within the existing scheme and develop designs to realise a series of creative interventions which link Emerson’s Green and Lyde Green across Newlands bridge. Whilst there are no prescriptive requirements, initial plans have identified options for a landmark sculpture, waymarking and lighting.


Lyde Green is the last element of the much larger Emerson Green development area which was first identified as a major development location in the 1985 Avon Structure Plan. The original Emersons Green development has been completed whilst Lyde Green is still being developed. The two areas are on the eastern edge of the built up area of Bristol and are separated by the A4174 Ring Road which links Bristol to Bath. The Bristol and Bath Science Park situated next to Lyde Green includes the National Composites Centre ( The Science Park and the proposed employment at Lyde Green provide the opportunity for residents to work locally. The areas are connected physically and socially to the long established communities of Mangotsfield and Pucklechurch.

There is a village hall, library and major shopping centre in Emerson’s Green and a new community centre in Lyde Green. Thus there is a need for residents of Lyde Green to access facilities in Emerson’s Green without jumping in a car. There is an existing footbridge, Newlands Bridge, across the ring road linking the two communities.

The public art scheme is part of a wider scheme to refurbish the existing footbridge and create a new community friendly link between Lyde Green community centre and Emersons Green Village Hall.

The overall scheme aims to:

• Carry out infrastructure repairs and improvements to Newlands footbridge. (N.B. Plans for refurbishment of the bridge itself are already underway)
• Improve the physical access along the proposed route, upgrading paths, signage and crossing points.
• Strengthen and reinforce the existing public realm with the creation of new public spaces and planting.
• Raise the profile of the new route through the provision of integrated public art and bespoke way- marking.

Outline landscape proposals and this full brief can be be downloaded as a PDF below.

Project Specification

The appointed Artist will, following a period of research and engagement with the Design Team and the local community, develop a Commissioning Plan for the scheme.

We wish to commission a scheme reflects the communities and their identity. It is important that the artist develops a unique design scheme in response to the residents, the site and this brief through engaging with the community throughout the development of the commissioning plan.

The Commissioning Plan 1. Concept Designs

To include:

  The scope of the site’s potential

  An overview of how local people have informed the design concepts and how the proposals

link to the communities and their identity

  Overarching design concepts and design outline for specific commissions

  Suggestions for further commissions for the community engagement programme

  Plans for documentation

2. Detailed designs

On agreement of the concept designs, the artist will provide detailed plans to include:

  Detailed designs including technical drawings, plans, models or other visual representations of the proposed design outcomes.

  A detailed delivery strategy, linked to the main delivery programme, with clearly identified milestones and trigger points

  A fully costed budget including all fees, manufacturing/installation costs and any ongoing revenue costs if appropriate

  Details for suggested manufacturers, structural engineers and other specialist artists or contractors to inform the procurement of the artworks themselves.

  A maintenance schedule

We wish to commission a public art scheme that will:

  Engage the local community, creating a physical and social bridge between them.

  Improve the attractiveness and legibility of the route between Emerson’s Green and Lyde Green to encourage its use

  Increase the safety and perception of safety of the route, possibly through lighting

  Promote walking and cycling

  Link from the scheme to green spaces further afield, with waymarking features that could be replicated or expanded as the area grows and develops.

  Promote sustainability and innovation

  Introduce public art that will be distinctive, memorable and engaging and which will endure in this particular location.

  Be robust, vandal proof and require minimal maintenance.

As we are working across two new developments next to the Science Park, we would particularly welcome schemes that are forward thinking and embrace sustainability and/or innovation. We would encourage designs in collaboration with the National Composites Centre or designs that

address sustainability issues (for example, the landmark feature could light the walkway through the use of sustainable energy sources or create a new habitat such as a swift tower.)

Artist’s Profile

We wish to commission an artist with the following skills and experience:

  experience of working in communities to engage them with the public art process

  working creatively in multi-disciplinary teams alongside project managers, landscape architects, engineers, lighting consultants and contractors

  costing schemes and managing budgets

  compliance with public realm requirements and constraints

  familiarity with technical aspects of public realm works and public protocols

  goo project and time management skills

  an understanding of equalities, access and inclusion issues.

Artists should have public liability insurance to a minimum value of £5 million.

Community Engagement

The lead artist should engage the local community as part of the design process to inform the commissioning plan and to develop community interest and buy in to the project.

Alongside this commission, in order to engage the local community fully with the project, we will also be commissioning a community engagement programme to build links between the two communities; we envisage working with target groups such as schools or families, promoting particular aspects of the project such as walking and cycling, community growing and cultural engagement or building on existing cultural activity such as the Emerson’s Green community choir or reading with the local library.

We envisage that suggestions for a focus for these engagement projects may come out of the artist’s research and development for this commission; therefore, we would welcome suggestions for further commissions for the community engagement programme in the commissioning plan. Wherever possible, we would like to commission local artists at the start of their careers to deliver this engagement programme.


This commission

There is a budget of £25,000 for the lead artist to develop the commissioning plan including detailed designs. The fee and contract will include staged payments to be made on acceptance of concept designs and detailed designs.

Future commissions/expenditure

Fabrication and installation: £150,000 to include artist fees for project management as appropriate Community Engagement Programme: 5 commissions @ £8000 = £40,000
Marketing: £3,000
Documentation: £4,000

Project Management

There will be a project group consisting of representatives from the local authority and local councillors. Final designs will be submitted to the project group for approval. Day to day liaison will be with the Public art and cultural events co-ordinator


The timetable is to be agreed with the artist on appointment. However, the overall project has been delayed through COVID and the project team would like to start developing designs quickly. Therefore, the selected artist must be available to commence work on the scheme on appointment and a draft timetable for this commission is outlined below:

w/c 7 Dec - Project initiation meeting with the project group

Dec 20 - Feb 21 – R&D, consultation with the community & project team, generation of concept designs

Late Feb 21 – Presentation of concept designs

April 21 – Presentation of detailed designs and full commissioning plan to include timetable for fabrication and installation agreed with the project team

Expressions of Interest and application process

Expressions of Interest

Interested artists should email expressions of interest to Please note that emails of over 10MB will be not be accepted by the Council’s delivery system. We would advise you to compress files or send them as a zip file if sending large documents or images. (The Council IT security will not accept files via WeTransfer) To be received by 9am on Monday 9 November, 2020.

Applications should include:

  A letter stating your interest, your ability to meet the aims of the brief and its timetable, an outline response to the brief and how you would approach the project.

  Your CV/Resume and link to your website

  Max of 8 (emailable) images of up to three recent relevant commissions accompanied by some context as to the commission including commissioner, site, budget and timescale

Presentations and interviews

Up to 4 shortlisted applicants will be invited for to develop a presentation on their approach and initial ideas to the project panel.
Shortlisted applicants will be paid a fee of £750 for travel expenses to visit the site and to develop their ideas for presentation.

Interviews will take place on Wednesday 2 December. It is anticipated that interviews and presentations will take place via Microsoft teams.

Outline landscape proposals and this full brief can be be downloaded as a PDF below.

Linking_the_Greens_Public_Art_Brief.pdf671.45 KB
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