Test Valley Borough Council: Public Art Commissions

We are delighted to announce three new public art commissions for Test Valley, two in Andover and one for Valley Park:

Public Art Commission for Picket Piece, Andover

Test Valley Borough Council wish to commission an artist to work alongside the community to determine and create a bespoke artwork for the new development of Picket Piece in Andover. The artwork will represent the results of community workshops lead by the artist and be sited in a place on the development where everyone can enjoy.

The full details of the commission and schedule can be found in the artist brief document and a link to this can be found to the right of this page.

Commission fee: £27,000

Deadline for applications: Monday 7 September 2020

Public Art Commission for Picket Twenty, Andover

Test Valley Borough Council wish to commission a public art trail for the new community development at Picket Twenty in Andover. The trail should celebrate movement and be innovative and interactive by design. The trail should encourage children and adults to explore and engage with their surroundings and should culminate with a main piece of kinetic sculpture to be sited at the Urban Park. Whilst Picket Twenty is a development of housing including a school, shop and nursery, the artworks should be sympathetic to the important countryside and environment that surround Picket Twenty.

Commission fee: £69,000

Deadline for applications: Monday 14 September 2020

For more information visit https://testvalley.gov.uk/communityandleisure/artsandculture/publicart/public-art-commissions

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