The People's Platform: Submissions Welcome!

The People's Platform: An interactive public art experience centred on Colston’s empty plinth.  After years of fruitless debate, on 7 June 2020 the statue of Edward Colston was pulled down by Bristolians and thrown into the harbour. This gesture made headlines around the world.

What should now replace that memorial to Edward Colston? Who or what do today’s Bristolians want to celebrate in the centre of their city?

CARGO Movement are announcing their new public initiative to showcase on that empty plinth the personal visions of today’s diverse Bristolians.

How will it work?

Contributors of all ages and all walks of life including school children and established artists will submit designs.

A diverse intergenerational panel of community members from all of Bristol’s postcodes will select from the submissions a large, varied selection of designs which will be brought to life in the digital realm and occupy the plinth in the city centre on rotation.

Anyone online anywhere in the world, or standing with a smart phone near the plinth will witness this unique series of visual statements about what today’s Bristolians truly value.

Bristol organisations who have already signed up to be part of it include Watershed, Kuumba Centre, Colston’s Girls School, Fairfield School, Dolphin Primary School, Malcom X Centre.

People's Platform is being supported by Arts Council England, University of Bristol and other arts organisations in the city.

Find out more and submit a design via

About CARGO Movement

CARGO Movement is a creative collective developing digital heritage resources. These include films, immersive exhibition design and the “CARGO Classroom” education tools. Its founders have long been dedicated to broadening Bristol’s understanding of its History in relation to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its living legacy, which continues to shape the lives of Bristolians today.

CARGO is a producer of films and interactive online content of exceptional quality, which evocatively celebrate the resilience and visionary leadership of black individuals who catalysed change and moved society forward. CARGO puts forward those missing narratives from our past and inspires the public to visualise a future full of pride and possibility.

Follow CARGO on IG at @cargomovement / See more at

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