VIRTUAL COACHING: now offering one-to-one coaching via Zoom

Now offering one-to-one coaching via Zoom!

“Thank you for the brilliant virtual coaching session. It was great to have someone to bounce ideas around with and to come away with some clear ideas for the next chapter of my business” Debbie: Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant - April 2020

If you, like me, are using this enforced lockdown as an opportunity to reflect on your business or practice then I can help.

My coaching style is informal and involves a conversation so online works perfectly.  I ask where you are with your art practice and what you would like to aim for; through this we will identify stumbling blocks and work out how to progress and move things forward.

For more info:

NB: Whilst I have included my prices on my website I am happy to be flexible on this so pay what you can afford. Want to know more? Just drop me an email

Also, if you're not on social media, now is definitely the time - I can help you identify who your customer is and what platforms you might reach them on.

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