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This week there are a lot of people feeling isolated, working from home, with events and meetings being cancelled, who might welcome the chance to speak to someone else at this difficult and worrying time. Voluntary Arts has nearly 30 years experience of remote working, working at home and supporting a distributed network of staff, freelancers and volunteers.

From Tuesday 17 March, Voluntary Arts is launching #CreativeNetwork - a daily online get-together open to anyone involved in arts, culture and creativity who would welcome the opportunity to talk to others about dealing with the current situation, the challenges of working from home and what we can do together to make the most of difficult circumstances.

We are starting this open daily Zoom gathering from Tuesday 17 March. After a brief Twitter poll to find the best time of day for this, 9:30 - 10:30am was selected so we will be meeting at the sametime each week day for the foreseeable.

Join the Zoom call by clicking below. There's no need to register or log-in, just click the link and smile for the camera! If you have any problems, tweet us at @voluntaryarts or email info@voluntaryarts.org

This open daily online Zoom gathering is taking place each week day from 9.30 - 10.30am - just follow this link and click the Join button - https://www.voluntaryarts.org/creativenetwork

Robin Simpson, Chief Executive of Voluntary Arts
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