I bet you have asked yourself this pressing question often; as have I.  WELL... one day as I was reading through an excellent History of Art book by Kelly Grovier, "A New Way of Seeing",  I came across one (carnyx that is) spread across the page in this wonderfully detailed photograph taken from Trajan's Column in Rome. The column is a mass of detail to celebrate a Roman victory over the Dacians (and I'm sure they deserved it...) BUT what I found particularly of interest was the carnyx which they left behind taken as part of the spoils of war by the Romans.  Simply put the carnyx is a rather frightening bronze trumpet blown in battle to help strengthen the resolve of the combatants. They came into use from 200B.C. to approx. 200A.D. though if you look online now there are an amazing variety of carnyx enthusiasts making and playing modern day replicas. So this is my contribution to the longevity of this glorious instrument. I have rather changed its use as it seems to be an unlikely urn for the re- birthing qualities of the Ash tree. But there you have it; some of the mystery of art.

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