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“Lots of really useful advice and information that I shall be getting on with over the next few weeks. Instagram seems to be paying dividends already now that I have got my head around it. Thanks again for the session and giving me a metaphorical kick in the right direction”

Mark, July 2019

“I really enjoyed meeting Lisa and talking through the opportunities and options I had available to me to progress my career. Lisa has a great mind for problem-solving, and I came away from our session feeling inspired and creatively invigorated.”

Jessica, May 2019

Are you an artist or creative looking for help and direction with your art practice or business? Do you find most business coaches come from a corporate background, have little empathy with an artist’s life and are frighteningly expensive? As a Creative Coach I work with artists, creatives and sole traders to help them problem solve and steer them in a more productive direction for their practice.

If you're an artist or creative and could do with an overview of your business click here:

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