Redbrick House Creative Community: Studio, desk & co-working space available

Start coworking at Redbrick House and only pay for the hours you need. Starting from just £60 per month for 30 hours, coworking is a flexible and affordable way to kick-start your business or work remotely. Choose the hours you need, fit your work around your schedule, and pick a package that suits you. 

All of our coworking packages provide you with access to our different coworking environments including social space, communal kitchen, and the comfy snug for those moments when you just want to get away from your work. Want to bring your clients and colleagues in for the day? Then take advantage of our meeting rooms, or a member’s day pass for just £15 per day. 

Get Started - 30 hours at £60 per month 
Get Going - 60 hours at £100 per month 
Fully Commit - Unlimited use at £140 per month 

Desk Space
Do you need a permanent space to work on your business? The Enterprise floor of Redbrick House is an open plan office, equipped with private desks, comfy seats, meeting rooms, and lockers. Our central location is not only easy to access, but perfect for client meetings. 

As part of our desk package you can use Redbrick House as your business address and take advantage of four hours free meeting room usage per month. Also, being part of our collaborative community offers a supportive network for members to find new work and contacts through skill sharing. 

Currently, we have several desks available which may suit a small business looking for a base to work from. We're happy to come to some arrangement on the price if you're looking for more than one space. 

Fixed Desk - Unlimited use at £175 per month

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