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Stories is a series of informal talks centered around individual’s journeys from launch to success with a specific focus on the challenges they faced at the outset, how they pushed through to where they are and their aspirations and predications for the future.

Kate Strong - how to overcome psychological barriers

On Tuesday 18 June 2019 we meet the extraordinary Kate Strong.  Kate is a Business Coach, podcast host and creator of Pioneer of Profit. Building on over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Kate’s on a mission to inspire and empower people to bring their business dream to life.

She does this through bringing together the world of creating profitable companies and people’s personal passion.

Kate is also AG World Champion triathlete, ex Aerospace Engineer, Reiki Practitioner, TEDx speaker, plant-based and philanthropist.

Join Kate for an informal talk and a drink, and be inspired by her fantastic journey to success.

"After graduating with a Double Masters in Mechanical Engineering in French and English, I chose to step away from ‘society’s tick-list lifestyle’ and create a life that would keep me thriving, not just existing.

Square Works Stories is a series of informal talks centered on creative individual’s journeys from launch to success, focusing on the challenges they faced at the outset, how they have got to where they today and their predications for the future.

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This event takes place on 18 June and begins at 18:00.

Yena: What it takes to be a young entrepreneur

This month we meet Ash Phillips, a young UK Entrepreneur, currently running YENA – a rapidly growing, socially focused company, developing future business leaders. From very humble beginnings, leaving university early to start a creative agency and regularly working long periods with no days off, Ash began to achieve success in the leanest, most profitable ways possible. In recognition of his support for the next generation of entrepreneurs he was listed on the Maserati100 list, alongside entrepreneurs such as Richard Reed, Stellios, Jamal Edwards, Lord Young and Sir Tom Farmer.

“Entrepreneurship is one of the steepest, yet most rewarding learning curves available to people. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” Ash Phillips

Taking place on Tuesday 23 July, from 6:30pm to 8pm.

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