Fill That Space: Open Exhibition at Leigh Court

This is the third open exhibition to be held by Fill That Space and we are grateful to Leigh Court for agreeing to host it. The aim of this exhibition is to showcase the eclectic artwork being created by Bristol artists. It is open to all artists living in an area with a Bristol postcode and who create 2D artwork. All the work included in the exhibition will also be for sale.

Submissions will be accepted from 31st March and up until 5th May 2019. This will be followed by the announcement of the shortlist on 8th May with the final successful artists and their work being announced on 15th May.

Timetable of Events

Submissions open: 2019, 31st March 0900 – 5th May 1700 

Shortlist announced: 8th May 1700

Final selection announced: 15th May 1730

Artworks delivered to Leigh Court: 17th May 1000 

Installation of artwork: 21st May – 22nd May 

Final view for participating artists: 23rd May TBC

Artwork displayed: 24th May – 27th August

Collection of artworks: 28th August TBC

How To Apply

All submissions must be received via email to  You will receive a confirmation email as receipt of your application and payment. Your application must include the completed pro forma (download below), images of your work and evidence of payment. 

Download Link – Open-Exhibition-submission-proforma

All submissions must include at least one image. Images included with the submission will also be used for publicity purposes which will include, but are not limited to, our social media platforms and website.

All images must be a JPEG file to a maximum size of 3MB. All images must have the filename as the artwork title without numbers or symbols and be suitable for use on social media.

Please ensure that your submission is complete and fully compliant as instructed in the Terms and Conditions. Submissions that are not complete will not be considered and refunds will not be possible. 

What should I expect once I have submitted my application? As long as your submission is fully compliant and submitted by no later than 5th May the following will apply:

  • Stage 1: Shortlist – All submissions will be reviewed and announced via our social media platforms after 1700 on 8th May. The shortlist will also be included on our website. Results will not be communicated via any other method.
  • Stage 2: Final Selection – The shortlist will then be reviewed and final selection will be announced via our social media platforms after 1730 on 15th May. The final list will also be included on our website. Results will also be communicated via email to the successful artists together with an invitation to attend a final view.

For more details of how to apply click here!


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