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Bristol Live Art seeks performers and live artists for its inaugural scratch night. BLA aims to showcase high quality live art from bristol and beyond. Our ethos is inclusive and we are keen to hear from both experienced practitioners and those just starting out. BLA is an opportunity to exhibit live art in a supportive community, it’s a perfect place to try out new ideas or get feedback on more developed pieces.   

The night will be curated by founders, Ruby Turner and Fiona Anderson. It will be hosted by Caraboo Projects in south Bristol on 22 May 2019. The night of performance will culminate in a gathering of feedback to aid in artist development.

A few things to consider before applying-


The performance night will be 2 hours in length, so we are looking for shorter 5-20 minute works, or durational work which can co-exist whilst other performances are happening.

The space:

The main space- A ‘white box’ gallery space, with spot lighting available. This is the central space where most performances will take place.

The entrance- A large lobby with sofas and a welcome desk

The inbetween space- The corridor which leads to the main gallery space, has a small open room on left side, perhaps suitable for durational work.


We have limited equipment available and we plan to light the space fairly simply.

If your work requires specific technical equipment or props you will need to source these yourself.


We plan to have one full day of rehearsal prior to the night. There will also be time on 22nd to set up and prepare in the space.


To apply, fill out the application form and send it to The deadline for applications in 1 May 2019. Please include a website or video link with examples of your practice.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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