FAB19: Self Call Out!

The ‘self’ has always been at the forefront of art history. In the realistic depictions of the old masters, emotional expressions of the modernists or the ideological stances of the contemporaries. How far removed is the artist from the work and what defines the artist’s sense of identity? Is the self within art purely constructed, an artifice – or is all art purely biographical?

Inviting artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit or create work that tackles the subject of ‘self’. Welcoming traditional methods of self-portraiture, conceptual, performance, video, abstract, etc. This exhibition is an exploration of the artist’s idea of ‘SELF’. Whether through a discussion of class, expression of gender &/or sexuality, your emotional state, cultural background, object-oriented response, personal expression or even a rejection of ideas of self: let's see it!

It is free to submit proposals (unless otherwise stated), if you are selected there is a £20 admin charge per artist, per show. Selected artists are invited to invigilate the show.


Deadline Sunday 17 March 2019 

Email submissions: to self@fringeartsbath.co.uk

Please submit up to 500 words and accompanying images.

NB: files to be saved as a single PDF or Word doc including your name in every file title, e.g. Tina.Turner.pdf or Turner.Tina.doc

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