Maze Studios: Ceramic Studio Spaces Available

Keen to spend more time exploring and developing ideas? We currently have studio spaces available!!

Offering dedicated practice space for development, enjoyment and progression.

If you are looking to spend more time creating and would like to have a dedicated space for developing your ideas, contact us to find out more and arrange a studio visit.

Maze studios is a studios which offers a series of progressive steps through workshops and classes, self directed open access session times and its studio spaces all as a stepping stone for increasing artistic and ceramic development.

Maze Studios provides a creative space in which artists/makers are encouraged to develop their practise within a friendly and supportive environment.

Mission Statement

‘We are a community interest company for aiding the facilitation of artist development as a stepping stone between formal training and personal artistic progression towards artist independence’.

Our Aim

Maze Studios CIC is established to cultivate and promote the progression of publicly accessible facilities and access to education in contemporary visual art, craft and design through the development of artistic knowledge and public participation.

Artist interest in Maze Studios gravitates around the use of kilns, this central focus of the studios unlike other studios creates a challenging but unique set up. Providing a space in which access to ceramic equipment is available before the development of a viable practice that would necessitate and justify personal investment in kilns wheels and other essential equipment.

Studio Spaces

An incubation space, an opportunity for the focused development of personal artistic practices. A place for learning essential ceramic studio skills. A place to develop and aid in the progression towards eventual artistic independence. Providing a platform for artist interaction, creativity and knowledge sharing. A space for taking steps towards the development of personal practices within the art field.

A Creative Space

  • A creative environment - A space that is alive with creativity.
  • Bath Potters run - A monthly collection from Bath Potters supplies of tools and materials is a convenient way of accessing materials and equipment for our full time tenants.
  • Learning about and developing essential studio practice - Through inductions independent use of the space can be achieved and a greater knowledge of ceramic practice.
  • Creative interaction between artists - A space of sharing creative knowledge.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a studio space or to arrange a visit, please contact us by send an email.

or give us a call


Maze StudiosCIC, Unit 26 Barton Hill Trading Estate, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 9TQ

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