North Bristol Community Project: Creative Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Serious about starting your own business, making upcycled clothing,  personalised textile gifts or running arts workshops?  If you are a dynamic, self motivated creative with entreprenurial spirit, then this opportunity could be just the thing for you.

North Bristol Community Project has studio space and a shop on one of Bristol's most vibrant, independent high streets on Gloucester Road.

You can either work independently and rent out space (minimum let 6 months) and keep all your profits alternatively collaborate  with us and take a share of the profits. This is a unique, ideal opportunity for anyone with a good set of skills,  enthusiasm, the ability to stay focused and the ambition to develop a thriving creative business.

If you are interested, email us with your contact details, a CV if you have one and a little information about what you are interested in.

Please note: this is not an offer of employment, we all operate on a freelance basis, so what you get out of this will depend on what you put into it. For more info contact

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