Creativity Works: Networking Event Artist(s) - Paid Opportunity

We are looking for an artist, artist collective or a collaborative group to deliver a stupendous networking event on behalf of Creativity Works. It must:

* Appeal to artists at all stages of their career
* Appeal to artists who have an interest in social practice
* Be fun, engaging and innovative
* Be welcoming, safe and un-threatening
* Be accessible to artists from B&NES, Bristol and the wider area

We are interested to see how you would run this event in terms of location, possible theme, content, atmosphere, etc. It should reflect your interests, maybe your own artistic practice, but above all be an event that people want to attend.

Fee: £200 (venue costs negotiable but will not be more than an additional £50)
Target: 25-50 participants
Time: Sept/Oct Duration: 2 hrs

Artists attending the network event will be charged a small fee that will be administered and kept by Creativity Works.

If you are interested, please send a proposal and CV to by 12pm on Monday 3 September 2018.

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