Trigger/BCC: Research & Development Artist Commission Open Call

Trigger and Bristol City Council Arts and Events team are looking for an artist(s) to develop a temporary light work in collaboration with communities in Lockleaze, in partnership with The Hub.Trigger is a producing organisation working to create extraordinary and memorable events. Trigger are working together with Bristol City Council to produce a brand new artwork that incorporates light for Lockleaze. We are looking for art that is original, place-making and, most importantly, relevant and co-created with local residents. We are as much interested in process as output.


Trigger will work with The Hub in Lockleaze to support an artist to undergo a research and development period in order to co-create a new piece of work, which is suitable for touring. We are working with a panel which will include residents from Lockleaze who will be actively involved in shortlisting.


Lockleaze is an independent and unique area of North Bristol with residents who are resilient, confident and passionate about their community. At the Hub we bring people together and support residents to create change, develop skills and really be a part of this wonderful community.

As an area Lockleaze has changed dramatically and quickly from a mostly white working class estate to having the 5th highest BAME population in Bristol. With the development of Gainsborough Square finished in 2015 and the recent interest in several community led housing projects, Lockleaze is adapting to its challenges and continuing to grow.

The Brief

We are looking to commission a Bristol based artist to research develop an idea and approach for a community engagement art project. This activity will take place from October 2018 - January 2019. Our aim to develop the prototype idea into a full production for autumn/winter 2019/20.

Aims and outputs of this R&D commission are:

- To involve local communities in a co-created project.
- Raise the profile of the arts within the city’s diverse communities.
- Bring people together and strengthen the community in a period of change in the area.
- Design an outdoor work that will involve a large audience.
- To present a sharing of the idea or create a prototype or play test.

There are no restrictions on art forms or types of activity however our panel are interested in projects that explore the theme of home:

- Actual homes, and planned housing.
- The notion of home and belonging for residents.
- The idea of belonging and conversely excluded from a community.

We are interested in installing the final work in 2019/20 on Gainsborough Square.

Project Budget

The total commission is £4,500. This is inclusive of project outputs, materials, fees for the R&D. This is to reflect around 8 weeks of working time, part-time over 4 months.

Selection criteria and application process

Proposals will be initially assessed by Trigger and representatives from Bristol City Council Arts and Events team and the Hub. A maximum of ten proposals will be put to the full community panel and they undertake the final shortlisting.

We will be looking for applications that demonstrate:

- Clear approach to the research and development period.
- Evidence of successful community engagement work and collaborative approach.
- Potential for impact on the sector and/or audiences.
- Ideas on what form the final artwork might take.
- Ability to engage with our Community Commissioning Panel who will support the development and promotion of the programme.
- The quality, originality and ambition of the creative idea at the heart of the proposal and its relevance to the commissioning context.
- Excellent track record.

How to apply

When applying please remember that your application will be assessed by our community panel. They have busy lives so clear, concise and jargon free applications are appreciated; supporting images are encouraged.

Please state if you are applying as an individual or organisation. Fill out the application form ​here

Deadline: Send your proposal no later than 12 noon on Monday 3 September 2018.

If you are shortlisted, we will invite you to come and meet our commissioning panel at The Hub on 20 September 2018.

Additional details

- Late submissions will not be accepted.
- We reserve the right to not award the commission.
- The successful applicant will be required to sign a funding agreement agreeing terms and conditions of the commission.
= We welcome applications from culturally diverse backgrounds.

If you would more information on the commission or the area please contact Trigger’s Director, Angie Bual -

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