SYNC.SW: South West Moving Image Collaboration & Opportunities Network

SYNC.SW ("Sync-South-West") is a free Arts Council supported platform for creation, collaboration, and opportunities within filmmaking and moving image in the South West.

As well as shining a spotlight on exciting creatives, we're going to be offering our own exclusive opportunities and shouting about other people's across the region.

Whether you're into filmmaking, music, performance, illustration, animation, post production (or anything else creative) we want you to be part of the SYNC.SW creative community by joining our Facebook Group.

We also host weekly 'SYNC Spotlights' on our website; highlighting young SW creatives and the amazing work they do. 

So if you’re a young creative (or collective) with work to show, all you need to do is apply via our website and if we like your work or your story enough, you'll receive an interview feature and write-up on SYNC.SW all centred around you and your brilliant work! This is a great chance to show off; to get seen by likeminded creatives and potential collaborators, so get involved!

Deadline Friday 11 May 2018

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