PRSC: Buy or Burgle It Call Out!

Here is an exciting opportunity for you to show your artwork during BUY OR BURGLE IT – outdoor 24/7 rolling exhibition.


PRSC are currently inviting artists to apply to showcase their work (up to four each artist) during Buy or Burgle It, an outdoor rolling exhibition on Jamaica Street wall, which will run throughout December 2017 from Saturday 2nd until the 23th. Once the artwork is sold, it will be removed from the wall and another work will replace it. Thus, will a rolling exhibition be created.


Please bear in mind your artwork will hang on PRSC Jamaica Street wall, where it will be vulnerable to weather conditions and vandalism perhaps.

Are you up to push your pictorial experimentation towards weatherproof solutions and take on the challenge of exhibiting outdoor?


If this sounds interesting to you send an email to  by Friday 17th November: 

  • expressing your interest in taking part to the exhibition
  • providing a link to your website or examples of your artistic practice (please send files max 500kb, not more than 5 images)   

Schedule Outline:

Application deadline: Friday 17th November 2017 – tell us you want to be part of the exhibition and send a link to your website or some examples of your artistic practice.

Notifying of shortlisting: Friday 24th November

Delivery of the artworks at PRSC (up to 4 x each applicant): Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th November.

Further Info:

Buy or Burgle It 

Opening: Friday 1 December, 6-10pm

Run: Sat 2 - Fri 23 December 24/7

The exhibition is designed to provide an outlet for aspiring and established artists to showcase and sell their work, and to offer to the public the opportunity to purchase artworks to affordable price. Artworks showcasing in the outdoor gallery can be purchase by our Stokes Croft China shop open 7 days a week.

Creative experimentation, trust and respect are central elements of this exhibition. Also, the outdoor exhibition challenges established ideas of private property, public space and commercial enterprise.


PRSC retain the right to swap artworks exhibited on the wall during the duration of the exhibition, towards the concept of rolling exhibition. Once the artwork is sold, it will be replaced with another artwork. Paintings will be sold at prices determined by the artists, through PRSC Stokes Croft China. Profit from any work sold will be split 50/50 between the artist and the PRSC. If unsold, the artwork will return to the artist. We will be using security anti-theft picture frame hangers to allow the artworks to be more securely attached to a wall.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Laura via email on

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