Pithay Studios Goes Super-Fast

Dozens of small businesses are reaping the benefits of cutting-edge internet technology at a city-centre co-working space. Meanwhile Creative, managers of Pithay Studios, have made use of the SuperConnected Cities funding, generating tens of thousands of pounds for the building's new telecoms infrastructure. The tenants now enjoy speeds of 30mb/s when downloading and uploading, delivered from their own private routers found in every office.

The start-up company was founded in 2012 to provide affordable and flexible work spaces for Bristol's booming small businesses. Marketing Manager Jack Doran said, “We're really proud to be able to support the amazing entrepreneurial and creative people in the city. With our super-fast internet our tenants are now more efficient and effective than ever.”

Pithay Studios' internet is now distributed through state-of-the-art GPON fibre. The technology harnesses optical fibre technology to provide security, stability and very high bandwidths to all corners of the 20 000 square foot space. The contractors, Smart Info, claim the new network will eventually be able to deliver 1.6 terabytes of data a second.

Initially based at New Bridewell Police Station, Meanwhile Creative faced eviction from the property last April, resulting in a move to The Pithay building just a stone's throw away. Aside from private office and studio spaces, they have an open plan desk suit, gym, dance studio, cafe and vintage bicycle shop. 

For more information contact Jack Doran via jack@meanwhilecreative.co.uk or visit www.meanwhilecreative.co.uk.

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