Pearpod: Bristol-based freelance basketmaker/ willow weaver (part-time)

Hello, my name is Ellen and I run a small business in Bristol called Pearpod: Designing, weaving and selling willow pods, with the intention of providing people a space in their homes for daily rest and replenishment.

Having woven the pods single-handedly for over 5 years, I have now reached a point where I need to step away from the making part of Pearpod in order to be able to focus on running all other aspects of the business, and so I am looking for a willow weaver to jump on board.

I’m looking to find an experienced basketmaker who truly loves the process of weaving and can not only work independently but also bring their own skill set and insight to the job.

When: Initially on an ad- hoc basis, depending on when orders come in. I can be flexible with days and times to fit around your schedule. On average 1 day per week, with the plan to increase over the next few months.

Where: In Bristol Studios, Barton Hill. The studio sits here amongst around 30 other makers - predominantly women - who work across all different disciplines. There is a communal making space that is booked out for weaving the pods which is where you would be working. It’s a lovely, bright space and everyone is really friendly.

Your role: To weave the pods, for which there are metal armateurs that dictate the form. This includes soaking the willow in time before weaving and tidying up afterwards.

The frames range from 80cm to 1.2m wide.

Pay: Please share your usual hourly/daily rate. This can then be discussed and a rate can be agreed that we’re both happy with.

Experience needed:

-  Experience in working with willow: Either basketry or larger scale weaving work.

-  Confidence in weaving the pods, with a genuine love for the process of making.

-  A critical eye: The ability to see where something can be improved. Your own ideas and input into the development of weaving methods and techniques used to create the pods are welcome.

-  Time management: An understanding of your own pace, in order for the orders to be managed and organised around your rhythms. Ability to structure your own time, to be able to work independently and manage the process of weaving from start to finish.

-  Organisation: It’s important the communal space where you are working is kept clean and tidy.

-  Friendliness: Everyone in the studio is very friendly and it is a key aspect to having an enjoyable working environment.

Some values that are important when working within Pearpod are:

-  Quality: Every individual pod needs to be woven with care and attention, to create a high quality finish that ensures the pods are a joy to use and durable enough for everyday use.

-  Love of making: It’s really important that you love the process, and look forward to coming into the studio to weave. I believe that the customer feels the love and care that goes into the weaving, which is part of the enjoyment of the piece.

-  Transparency in communication: To be able to speak honestly with each other and openly express how we really feel. It’s normal for issues to arise, and I would much rather they were aired and resolved than left to simmer.

-  Respect: It’s important that there is mutual respect between all people who work together. Everyone is equally as important and should be treated as such.

-  Questions: There are systems in place within Pearpod that make everything run smoothly and effectively, but there is always room for improvement and change. Your fresh perspective and new ideas are very much welcome and you are encouraged to express these.

-  Humour: Of course it’s important that everyone involved is committed and focused, but there is always space for silliness. Within Pearpod it’s pretty key to be able to have a giggle, good for the mind and the soul!

To apply:

Email with CV, a cover letter and examples of your work.

The Pearpod website is in the process of being re-designed, but send a message over if you’d like to have a look anyway: 

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Mon, 01/11/2021
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