Bristol Community Arts: Marketing position for a charity

Are you passionate about making Bristol a better place to live and work?  

Bristol Community Arts is a Bristol based charity, which uses creativity as a vehicle for achieving positive personal and social change. We deliver quality, inspirational, educational courses and workshops in a range of informal settings. 

We are currently restructering the charity to focus more online and provide more targeted courses. This means we will be needing an expert in marketing to help make the public and our target market aware of our services and mission. 

We need a candidate with self-motivation, a desire to do something good for your community and availability to effectively market services to a diverse range of people. 

To apply e-mail a copy of your CV and we will reply to arrange a meeting (over zoom of course). 

Why not be part of the change you want to see!!  


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Fri, 30/04/2021
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