Bristol Print Room: Lino Printing in Colour

Tue, 10/03/2020 - Tue, 31/03/2020

Perfect for confident beginners as well as those who've done a little bit of lino printing before. You will learn the basics of carving a lino block as well as having the opportunity to learn more sophisticated techniques to create multi-coloured reduction prints and printing with gradients of colour.

Bring along with you an image that you would like to work from - drawings or photographs, this will help you get started more quickly. Or you can look at the magazines and books I have here for inspiration. Using a printing press, I will guide you through the process of reduction printing to create an edition of up to 8 prints, I will also show you how to print from lino at home without using specialised equipment.

This course includes two A6 (approx) blocks of lino. One for your reduction print and one piece to use if you wish to make a simple practice piece Further lino and paper can be purchased from the tutor.

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Tuesday Mornings OR Tuesday Evenings, 4 week courses

Starts on Tue Mar 10th, £80

Event location: 
Bristol Print Room
Stonebridge Park, Eastville Bristol
Bristol BS5 6RN
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