Bridport & West Dorset Open Studios 2019: Judith Gait - The Carnyx

Sat, 07/09/2019 - Sun, 15/09/2019

Bridport & West Dorset Open Studios is the annual celebration of contemporary visual artists who live and work in Bridport and the surrounding countryside.  Started by artist Caroline Ireland in 1999, BOS has grown over the years to become a distinctive showcase for the thriving West Dorset art scene.

This year we’ve got over 80 artists taking part in 50 venues across Bridport & West Dorset. We’re currently working on our 52-page 2019 BOS Guide, which you’ll be able to pick up in August.

Bridport should be designated as a place of Special Artistic Interest!  From 7-15 Septemebr 2019 80 artists around this small town will be opening their studios to the public and offering an opportunity to buy original art direct from the artist.  Details and listings of participating studios can be found here - or at the Tourist Info Centre in the Town Hall at the junction of East, West and South Streets (this really is the centre of the universe).

This year for enthusiasts of the Carnyx there will be several drawings, by Bristol based artist Judith Gait, on display.  "The Carnyx first attracted my attention as it is mentioned in a photo taken of Trajan's Column in Rome as part of the spoils of war.  The Carnyx was an early form or Brass Trumpet used to quicken the spiririt of warriors in battle (200 b.c. - 200 a.d)".

The column is a mass of detail to celebrate a Roman victory over the Dacians (and I'm sure they deserved it...) BUT what I found particularly of interest was the carnyx which they left behind taken as part of the spoils of war by the Romans.  Simply put the carnyx is a rather frightening bronze trumpet blown in battle to help strengthen the resolve of the combatants. They came into use from 200B.C. to approx. 200A.D. though if you look online now there are an amazing variety of carnyx enthusiasts making and playing modern day replicas. So this is my contribution to the longevity of this glorious instrument. I have rather changed its use as it seems to be an unlikely urn for the re- birthing qualities of the Ash tree. But there you have it; some of the mystery of art.

Mixed media drawing and oli paintings by Judith Gait MA - on display at venue #45, open from 10am to 4pm daily, except Sunday.

Event Location #45
9 Normandy Way
Bridport, DT6 3RG

Event location: 
Bridport Open Studios
Various Town Centre Venues
Bridport DT6 3RG
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