Kosar Contemporary: Jackson Woodcock's The Last Stop

Sat, 27/04/2019 - Sat, 11/05/2019

Kosar Contemporary is pleased to announce THE LAST STOP by Bristol-based artist Jackson Woodcock.  In 2017, Woodcock came across a 13th-century ruined chapel in Chartham, Kent which was about to undergo a significant restoration. The Horton Manor Chapel was the final stop on The Pilgrim’s Way to Canterbury Cathedral which has been studied by English Heritage and the Canterbury Archeological Trust for its historical importance. Here is where the name of Jackson's solo exhibition at Kosar Contemporary comes from THE LAST STOP.

During the restoration process, Woodcock witnessed the chancel wall being removed to bring back to light a fresco of geometric patterned forms and emblems in ochre and black which has been hidden from Reformation times (16th-century). This discovery deeply impacted Woodcock. The artist started to build up a library of sources, photos, samples, swatches, found objects, seeking to inform his painting practice. Site-specific matter such as slate, lime and chalk have been introduced to develop a palette of resources to be investigated as painting media.

The result of Woodcock’s investigation resume in self-contained, silent, still, purely abstract painting. The artists’ unique process making from canvas to pigment to plaster impasto, results in the intention to leave his own mark in each step of the execution.

"Both the chapel and these paintings work as objects of meditation and journey. This journey of materials beautifully parallels the passage of the pilgrims centuries ago as the intimacy of connection, of people and materials across time." (Emma Pattihis, 2019)

Join us in celebration of this fantastical journey.

This exhibition is curated by Béa Kayani and Laura Bottin in collaboration with The Artist Project Space. Kosar Contemporary and The Artist Project Space are the vision of artist Bea Kayani, based at Paradise Studios, The Works, part of Gathering Voices creative quarter for BS3.

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Kosar Contemporary
4 Little Paradise
Bristol BS34DD
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