NOW THEN: Art in the Moment

Fri, 22/03/2019 - Sun, 24/03/2019
Eight Artists Respond to Questions of Perception and Connection.  In these turbulent times, when individuals are struggling to understand each other and assumptions are easily made, what do we truly know? How do our thoughts shape reality?  Is our experience the same as that of other’s?  Can we live in the present, and might we trust our intuition?
NOW THEN is a free exhibition that seeks to open the senses, to permit uncertainty and to wake-up wonder...
Eight Bristol artists investigate the point where mind meets matter in this diverse, pop-up show. The venue is a derelict shop on the Wells Road, taken as it was found.
• Simona Dlugosova’s quiet, durational performance, Picking, explores sensation and our reaction to materiality and being
• Elenya Knops’s multi-media installation, Non-Sense, burns holes in the petals of society’s romance with itself
• Jacob D’Silva’s Perpetual Polymorphism is a series of 12 intricate drawings, born out of an immediate, intense, creative energy
• Alex Owen catches an abstract moment of colour mixing and movement in her process painting, Embrace
• Patricia Crystal’s Let Me Tell You Something is an installation that reflects on the human spirit and the narrative thread that shapes our lives
• Lucy Marshall captures a tender, idiosyncratic view of the everyday in The Sky Is an Artist, her series of small photographs
• Jasmine Eckett’s Trinity is a monochrome mural that perfectly embodies the artist’s instinctive, free-flowing approach
• Gaby Solly’s video installation, When We Notice Why We Notice What, considers shifting the emphasis of our ordinary, observational focus
Visitors to NOW THEN will be invited to make their own Art in the Moment. A continuing, participative piece will develop over the course of the show as people respond to an arrangement left by the person who came before...
March 22- 24 2019: 144 Wells Road, Totterdown, BRISTOL

Photo Credit: Video still from site-specific installation - When We Notice Why We Notice What  - Gaby Solly, 2019
Event location: 
Derelict Shop
144 Wells Road, Totterdown
Bristol BS4 2AG
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