Kosar Contemporary: PANTHEON ‘And, by the sweat of their brow

Sat, 16/03/2019 - Sat, 30/03/2019

Kosar Contemporary is pleased to announce its third exhibition Pantheon ‘And, by the sweat of their brow. Bristol-based artists Robin Edwards and Andrew Wilson present imagined histories of unknown realms through paintings, print and text.

Pantheon refers to the pre-Christian temple (113- 125 AD) that housed all the collective gods of the Roman pagan belief system. The word has since been adopted to describe all the deities of a given religion or an important group of people. Philip Guston chose this term as the title of his painting (1973), as he coalesced the Pantheon of his influences from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

Edwards and Wilson employ this term as it allows them to directly reference and engage with classical mythology. However, they also wish to play with the linguistic heritage of this term by creating their own imagined temple within the space, where the hierarchy is subverted as the viewer will find absurd and surreal next to the lofty and mythic.

This exhibition will be a collective pantheon of both artists, as their works begin conceptually leaping from Minoan culture and Ovid's metamorphosis to Dante's Divine Comedy, 20th-century modernist prose and Monty Python.

Preview Friday 15th March 7 – 10 pm

Performance Calling from Pomp, with Olivia Parr and Fynne Saunders, 8 pm

Event location: 
Kosar Contemporary
4 Little Paradise
Bristol BS34DD
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