Centrespace Gallery: Drawing on the Graphic Arts

Fri, 08/02/2019 - Wed, 13/02/2019

This group exhibition was selected from an open call to MA Graphic Arts students at UWE Bristol, invited staff and guest artists. The intention was to explore the use of drawing in a graphic arts context, and such themes as: the diagrammatic, charts and information; the in-progress, the fleeting, and the speculative; the act of modification, editing, correction; the use of drawing as research; industrial processes and new technology.

Alastair Myers, Ashley Kayser, Charlotte Murray, Elisa Cunningham, Fangyao Lu, John Hammond, Martyna Sabadasz, Robert Ruszczyk, Sarah Macgregor, Tom Henderson

Anthony Wilkins, Colum Leith, Orla Handley, Stephen Monger

Invited Artists:
Carlton Bodkin, Chunmei Lui, Samuel Alvarez

Image: The Fish by Fangyao Lu

PV: 12 February 5.30 - 8.00
Open Daily: 11 - 6pm


Event location: 
Centrespace Gallery
6 Leonard Lane
Bristol BS1 1EA
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