The Island: Christmas Pop Up Shop - The Makers Market

Sat, 01/12/2018 - Mon, 24/12/2018
It's time to step inside, 
away from the biting breeze and dark skies, 
for your nose, fingers and eyes
will surely be tantalised.
It's time to surround yourself 
with wonders on every plinth, stand and shelf
lovingly made by Bristol elves
keeping it local, and supporting Bristol wealth.
It's time for our fourth pop up shop,
because this cities creativity never stops
and what you find here will top
whatever you planned for the ones you love lots
From the careful clinks of golden glazed porcelain plates
to the pages turning in the stories read out by your mate,
From the warming smell of dragonsblood orange and clove,
in the creams, bath bombs, aftershaves and soaps
To the mischievous smile to yourself when you catch
a whiff of the chocolate to go down yer hatch
Curiosity and keenness captured in so many ways,
through stitches, brush strokes and carvings there's always a trace
under silver, wood and paper,
there is your maker, your neighbour,
so this Christmas enjoy them, there's a feeling no greater. 
1- 24 December 2018.
Event location: 
The Island
Nelson Street
Bristol BS1 2LE
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