LARA Bristol: Drawing & Painting Summer School

Mon, 02/07/2018 - Fri, 13/07/2018

You will receive the same teaching, from the same tutors, as our Diploma students and come away with drawings and paintings to be proud of. The Summer Schools are designed to mirror atelier study, so this course is perfect if you are considering the longer Diploma course and would like to try a taster first! Just like a full time student, you will spend three hours a day studying cast drawing or painting and three hours a day life drawing or painting.

The course is taught using the ‘sight-size’ method. This simple technique will be explained to you on the first day. It can help you produce highly accurate drawings and enables our tutors to give you precise guidance.

course structure

In week 1, you will work in either pencil or charcoal. Pencil drawing has a focus on variety of line, proportion, gesture, body type and how to design shadow shapes. With charcoal we add consideration of values (how light or dark things are), which is a good preparation for painting.

In week 2, there is the opportunity to paint, if you would like. You will be instructed in how to do a transfer drawing, how to mix colours using the LARA limited palette and how to apply paint. Alternatively, you might decide to continue working on developing your drawing skills, depending on how comfortable you feel with the process.

We have a single week option available for those unable to attend for the full two weeks. However, if you would like to paint we highly recommend that you attend for the full two weeks. You will need to provide your own materials, a full list of which will be sent after your booking is confirmed.

“[I most enjoyed] the focussed concentration by myself, and the dedication and commitment of the tutors. ”

Elizabeth Gilbert - Intermediate - 2016


The same model pose is sustained for the duration of the two weeks, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to observe the figure in detail and under constant lighting conditions. This is very rare in the UK.

Our classes sizes are a maximum of eight so you will receive tailored one-one-one attention.

“The whole summer school was a fantastic experience and I learned things that I thought would always be an enigma to me. ”

Kerry Doyland - Advanced - 2016

why the atelier method?

The atelier method means we are able to offer a tailored option suitable to the individual student, and it is effective at all levels. Whatever your current skill, we adapt the teaching system to match your aptitude and progress throughout the five or ten days, in order to create a uniquely challenging and satisfying experience.

Whether you are just starting to learn the basics, or are looking to be pushed to a higher level of proficiency, we are experienced at helping artists achieve their aims. The atelier method is a great way to push your artistic ability to the next level.

the end result

You will leave Summer School with a clear understanding of the organisational process behind drawing and painting. You will also have fine-tuned and sharpened your observational skills to a higher level.

Each student leaves with a carefully observed and rendered cast drawing or painting and a strong figure drawing or painting, having grasped the unique benefits of the ‘sight-size’ method.

"It felt like I'd found something for which I hadn't known I was searching" -read current student Edith's full testimonial

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