Dom's Coffee House: Winter Group Show

Thu, 08/02/2018 - Sat, 28/04/2018

Opening on Thursday 8 February 2018 and on through the end of April, come to visit to see an exciting new exhibition featuring three fantastic Bristol artists:

Mai (a.k.a. happy_paintgirl on Instagram ) paints original and modern abstract images in bright colours. Using free flowing movement and shapes created with energy bursts and lots of enthusiasm. She never “paints within the lines” - never have done. In this way, painting reflects the way she lives her life! Incorporating recognisable shapes within this work, Mai has eclectic tastes and art has always been a passion.

Winning several awards as an up and coming artist. Following success in GCSE and A-Level Art, Mai completed a National Diploma in the Arts at Exeter College, before attending the University of the West of England to complete a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design.   

She is interested in using the arts in psychotherapy and the way it is used to help with mental health issues. This has given a new direction in creativity.

“My art is my mind in picture format”. -Mai

Marija Staneviciute is a multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator and art-maker whose studio is based in Hamilton House, Bristol. Founder of MSTA Design & Illustration (  her works can be described as decorative prints with blocks of pop-up colour, visible texture and fine ink lines.

Main topics include urban environment, nature surrounding, portraits of people and animals and Lithuanian folklore. Surrealistic details and symbols are quite common in her personal oeuvre.

“Idea is the main point from which everything starts or finishes.”

Priscilla’s work comes from an intrigue of finding a balance between a formulaic way of  resting combined with techniques that produce a more spontaneous result. Exploring controlled elements within digital/mixed media canvas works, along with collaborating with an invisible artist, the unpredictable, interactive element of physics, nature and chance. Where does spilt ink decide to travel across a page or how do solvents mix unpredictably upon the surface of a canvas, drawing or photo.

The series of blind continuous line drawings uses a technique of looking at the subject for the duration of the drawing and not at the paper, freeing up a sense of responsibility about the result and allowing an enhanced enjoyment of the activity itself.  A focus on a formula rather than results takes away a sense of responsibility to create a particular result. The accidental placing of the features within the blind drawings happens as a result of surrendering to the process...

Come see and buy works from these three amazing artists at Dom’s for the next two months.

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Dom's Coffee House, 23-25 St Augustine’s Parade Bristol BS1 4UL

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