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My artworks, my life. I investigates the reality because it is more complex than what we are able to see it. Our visual schema is destructured showing the 'real' shape of nature, life, objects and the interactions among them. There is not outside or inside but a continuos transfer of shapes, lights and colours everywhere, everytime.
Through my work I aim to show how objects and subjects interact with their surroundings and vice versa. All the materials I use -such as rock salt, paper, water, pigments, PVC films, are a metaphor for the simple chemical elements we are made of. All the animate and inanimate beings in our surroundings transform, transfer and refract their shapes and colours by means of physical and chemical changes, but we are not able to see that and understand as for the limits of our senses.

This is not spiritual or philosophical. It is about physics. These chemical, physical and material relations can be imagined, showed and discussed through art and creativity in a new figurative abstarct way.

I was born in Rome, Italy. Currently I work and live in Bristol. I gained an MA in Fashion Stylism at 'Istituto Europeo di Design' in Rome and then went on studying graphic design on the postgraduate programme at 'Istituto Internazionale di Comunicazione ed Immagine'.
I have worked as fashion stylist designer in 'Lancetti' fashion atelier in Rome, then followed working as graphic designer in my personal company 'Gea Grafica'. In 2010 I stopped runnning that company to develop my personal artistic path.
You can have a look at my website or visit my facebook page at or visit my instagram profile
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