Tambour and Clutch

Tambour Beading Workshops.  The favourite beading technique of all couture fashion designers.

If you enjoy applying beads and sequins to fabrics, but you find you can't sew them on fast enough to complete a project, then this technique will show you how to put  beads and sequins on fabric at least 10 times faster than a needle and thread.  You will be able to complete your projects within hours and days rather than weeks (once mastered).

We run haute couture bead and embroidery workshops from beginners to more advanced levels. You will be taught how to do a chain stitch using a tambour hook. Then you will be shown how to apply beads and  sequins with a tambour hook.  Tambour beading is used by couture designers because of the fast, efficient and precise way too apply beads and sequins to fabrics.


Vintage Style Clutch Bags Workshops

Learn how to sew and make a professional metal purse frame, fabric clutch bag, for evening, weddings and special occasions.  We will show you how to fuse and apply different interfacings correctly. Learn how to select the correct fabrics for a structured or soft clutch bag and  tips on gluing your frame into your bag with ease. We offer different clutch bags for different sewing  levels to suit beginners to more advanced students.

For the more advanced students, we run workshops in purse frame pattern designs and tailored workshops for brides and bridesmaids for their special day. For more information

Contact us:  Audrey Wring Telephone 0787 603 6828



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