Sawdust and Diamonds Clothing

Sawdust and Diamonds Clothing is an ethical clothing company started up in 2007 by Rebekah Johnston-Smith and Jenni Joule, two friends with a love of making and crafting unique, colourful, and charismatic clothing.  The aim is in the name for Sawdust and Diamonds: to create stunning feminine, stand-out-in-the-crowd garments from materials that would otherwise be passed by and thrown away.  We craft all our clothing from found objects and materials, recycling textiles and fastenings not only for its ethical mentality but also for the story those materials have and the connection they have to their previous owners.  The idea that 'ethical' clothing has to be aimed at the middle aged market, with uncomfortably fabrics and ill-fitting shapes is very harmful to the progression of conscientious clothes buying.  Sawdust and Diamonds creates beautifully crafted ethically minded up-cycled clothing, that is a statement not just for being forward thinking but for it's feminine charms and beautiful details.

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Phone: 07595527580
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