Ruth Piper-Visual Artist

Central to my work are notions of transition and transformation that link to a strong sense of place both physical, psychological and intellectual.

Primarily I am painter but I also work with drawing, collage and more recently 3D: processing and arranging selected information from photographic, literary and cultural references that are connected to my idea of external reality: I am also interested in forgotten knowledge and past lives that we carry in our psyche linking to symbolic representations and manifestations that combine in the creative process and may be triggered by specific locations and emotional events.

My work to date can be divided into three distinct phases that analyse and document important changes of circumstance and location.The early first phase incorporated an intense five year intuitive study: figurative, representational and observational: Shifting into abstraction from 1995 – 2013 with a series of paintings grouped together under the title ‘Existential Diagrams’. An inquiry, informed and enriched by several trips to Australia, into how the energies of a particular ‘place’ real or imagined inhabit the human psyche.

‘Land of Plenty’ the third and current phase of work is a return to figuration interwoven with strong elements of the natural world both ‘inner and outer’ and includes collage, painting & three dimensional works that explore the contrast between the surface and the underworld.

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Milton Road
Bristol BS7 8SJ
Phone: 07711541852
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