Raw Space: Gloucester Road

Raw Space is a spacious, luxury, modern co-working space with three main rooms. We have become a member of Bristol creatives as we wish to host local Bristol artists where they can display their art, thus members can contact and purchase the persons art for a small comission and perhaps put on an art gallery type of event at the end of a set term.

The main 'openspace' is compiled from large desks to seat 8 people with the idea of co-working and social work with a buzzing business environment. The other room is called 'headspace' which is groups of smaller independent desks in groups of 4 for quieter, more independent work. The final room for hot desking is the 'creative space' which is mainly made from a selection of sofas, beanbags, a free library and whiteboard walls to encourage ideas, discussion and co-working in a relaxed atmosphere. The idea behind these different environments is to hot desk to different places depending on what work is being done, mood or most productive mindset. 

One of the key aspects to Raw Space is community. To bring this aspect to our space we put on weekly, fortnightly and monthly events both in the social and business sector. They are designed to keep its members happy, to network with local businesses and people, and to give a work environment to people who dont usually get that aspect of work as they work from home or independently.

Head Space

  • Great for quieter, more focussed work
  • Individual desks
  • Lovely wooden floors

Open Space

  • Big long benches to encourage collaboration
  • Handy storage boxes under every seat

Creative Space

  • Sofa’s for informal meetings
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Mini-library
  • Board game cupboard

The Kitchen

  • Filtered and instant hot and cold water 
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridges
  • Jugs and Cafetieres for sharing! 

We’d love to give you a closer look, so to book in your tour and 2 day free trial just click here:

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Contact details

Email address: 
Raw Space
111 Gloucester road
Bristol BS78AT
Phone: 01174030415
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