I am a hard working, creative and driven Illustration graduate with an eye for detail and impact. My recent professional experience has been in the realm of retail and, in particular, the effective use of visual merchandising; my academic background is grounded firmly in Art & Design, majoring at university with my degree following on from A-Levels. My subsequent design, interior design, and illustration work has given me a wide yet focused skill set and an understanding of the demands of the modern creative world.

I have exhibited my work at the Mall Gallery, London; the London Transport Museum; Brick Lane Gallery, London; and in the Association of Illustrator’s (AOI) Year Book, 2003. I have also exhibited at Bristol’s Better Food Company as part of their new art wall feature.

I paint and draw because I love it. I find the various forms of architecture around the world fascinating and I also enjoy the intense colours and textures of foods. Although I use the computer for my more intricate work, I like to do larger works on canvas as they allow more freedom of movement and a looser style.

My work is for sale – both as originals and prints – and commissions are always welcome.

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