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I'm a graphic and website designer who specialises in custom built WordPress sites for artists and small businesses. I provide affordable solutions for people who might not be used to IT and I provide training so that they can take control of their own internet presence.

Naked Website Design is named because nothing is hidden. I won’t try to sell you something you don’t need and I’m really transparent about my fees and my expertise.

Clear costs;  you only pay for what you want.

I can do as little or as much as you need to get your website off the ground.  If you want a website you have total artistic control of I can do the set up and the dirty work then you can do what you want with it; I put the bones there and the bones all work. I’ll remind you to maintain your site with updates, or you can pay me to do it for you. The choice is yours. I’ll also give you a list of things not to do; you don’t want to break your site! Once I’ve set a basic site up for you it is easier for me to see the kick it needs to get it into a shape you are happy working with.  As artists a lot of my clients do not want their sites to look corporate. I can do this quickly within very reasonable budgets. I can teach you how to fly with your site and make it totally your own but if you prefer you can just ask me to update it when you need.

“What she did was keep me sane and that’s not her official task, she is a web designer." Angela van Son

Branding;  make your stamp on the world.

I can use your existing logo or develop a new one with you to make a consistent style for you across the internet and on printed material.  You can have your own look across Folksy, Etsy, Facebook and Twitter accounts, on your own website and on postcards and business cards.

“It came down to a decision about how much time did I want to spend learning stuff when Lisa Cole (who already had this knowledge) could do it in five minutes?  I could spend my time doing better things.” Rita Williamson

Communicating; through print and social media.

Facebook and Twitter are one of the main ways people are getting heard about on the internet right now. I can make sure that your accounts are all set up, look fantastic and do what you need them to do. If you need a mailing list I can design and set them up and if you have skills to share how about an e-course?  I have some brilliant resources to make these things run smoothly at a very low cost.

“Lisa Cole from Naked Website did a brilliant job of setting up my WordPress website and getting me started so that very quickly I was able to manage it myself. In a short space of time I was even able to make changes to tailor the sites appearance, alter menus and I even felt confident enough to experiment with editing code, something which had frightened me before.” Diana Powell

Naked Website Clients.

A lot of my clients are artists and designers and because that is my background too I understand that the technicalities of a website are something not everyone is interested in.

I can help you get the most out of your website, de-mystify the jargon and make the whole design and development process easy and fun.

“I just had no idea where to start. I knew I needed a website to move up a level as an artist, but even that initial step seemed intimidating. Lisa made the process smooth and easy from start to finish. People have commented on how clean the site looks, and how well it works, how easy to use it is, and I’ve been able to have a brilliantly functional site as a base for my business. As I start to understand more about what I want from my site, the way I want it to look, I will most definitely be coming back to her for more help!
She was also enormously useful as I took my first tentative steps into blogging.. her support and tips took me through the initial learning curve with far greater success than I could have imagined, thankyou!
Her help has been indispensable and I thoroughly recommend her!” Lisa Thorne

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