Leather Needle Thread

Leather Needle Thread holds workshops in leathercraft and bag making throughout Bristol and beyond.  Workshops last from 2 hours to make a belt to longer, more intensive weekly classes in bag construction and pattern cutting.  

Leather Needle Thread was founded by Esther Keen. Esther has been a leatherworker for 9 years and studied bag design and construction at the London College of Fashion.  

Esther has a love of leather and learning how to craft beautiful functional bags, belts and shoes with a needle and thread using her hands and sewing machines.  Imparting all that she has learnt about bag construction and traditional leatherwork techniques, Esther teaches people how to create their own pieces, designed and made by them.  

Leather Needle Thread was born out of a love of design, craft and purpose in creation.  

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Leather Needle Thread
Clyde Road
Bristol BS6 6RL
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