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I first developed my idea of working with stains, dyes and lacquers on to ceramic forms at Loughborough and the Royal College of Art Design. My work at the time was being exhibited at the British Crafts Centre and Artist Potters Now, Sotheby’s.

Modern lacquers are a joy to work with because each layer is touch dry in around 10 minutes. Therefore an illusionary depth and texture in the smooth surface of the ceramics may be a build-up of as many as 15 layers in an object in a very short time. The process can be likened to working with transparent layers in Photoshop.

It is my passion for the images and textural effects that can be achieved with stains, dyes and lacquers on to the ultra-smooth surface of ceramics that I would like to share with you. This is an idea that I have developed and fine tuned myself over the years, which has taken a lot of experimentation to find the best materials and also the best application techniques to create interesting lacquer finishes.

I would like to show artists what I have discovered. And I feel that the process will interest both painters and ceramicists alike, as it offers a new perspective on their own work.

I am setting up introductory lacquer crafts workshops in Bristol and Bath to teach the basics of what is possible with modern lacquers and the effects that can be achieved on a ceramic form.

The link to my Lacquer Crafts Workshop is

I will look forward to getting creative with lacquer with you.

Richard Ellam

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