Inspirals Contemporary Jewellery

inspirals was conceived by designer maker, Sally Reay, based around her desire to make simple, stylish silver jewellery that is both easy to wear and affordable.  Concentrating on high quality materials and attention to detail, Sally's designs owe nothing to predetermined conventions and everything to new ideas. Her inspiration comes from everywhere: from high street fashion to the natural world, from architecture to outerspace.....

Sally has recently started to design and make a range of bespoke wedding and engagement ring, tailoring each ring to her customers needs.  She works in platinum, gold, white gold and silver, often setting the rings with conflict free diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

To find out more and to see and buy her latest collections visit or give email to arrange to meet her in her workshop at Mivart Street Studios in Easton.

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Inspirals Contemporary Jewellery
Mivart Street Studios
Easton BS5 6JL
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