Emma Jean Kemp

Emma is a figurative sculptor based at In Bristol Studios, who works in various matierals including clay, metal, plaster and resin.  She loves making and exploring new process to realize ideas in a 3D form.  

Emma's sculpture appeals to the senses; her work explores human experience, from how we feel to how we move, to how we deal with everyday life and the choices we make.  Emma's more recent work manifests her enthusiasm for agility, dance and acrobatics, as she explores the dynamic movement of the figure in sculpture.  This work presents the energy and splendor of movement, which she hopes will connect with people’s inner rhythm, connect with their inherent need to move and promote the importance of physical expression.

Emma also runs courses at her studios, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for sculpture: from working from life models in clay, to casting hands in plaster to silicone mould making and bronze resin casting. 

Contact details

Email address: 
In Bristol Studios
Great Western Lane
Bristol BS5 9BB
Phone: 07554664404
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