Eleanor Collins

I paint eye-catching illustrations for articles and childrens books.

I learned to paint and illustrate simply by doing it, rather than by studying. From the age of 16 I have worked hard to develop my technique, communication skills and ability to put my ideas down on paper. I use acrylic paint.

During my (very) short career I have: volunteered for RightInfo creating illustrations for their online articles, been commissioned to paint artworks for friends, family and colleagues, and I am currently working on a children's book written by Ben Doherty.

With each illustration I aim to tell a story, to connect with the viewer and encourage them to consider their own experiences, and of course to make something beautiful. I like to communicate as much as possible with my clients (via email, social media, or preferably face-to-face) to capture what they envisage as closely as I can.

I am currently open to commissions for childrens illustrations and images for articles, although I will try my hand at almost anything! So if you have an idea please feel free to run it past me.

See more of my work here: www.truthbeautyelbowgrease.com

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