Virtual Coaching with Lisa Malyon

Lisa's coaching gave me the opportunity to explore different avenues of my creative practice and identify where to push forwards and which inklings were worth listening to. A brilliant opportunity for any creative!”

Ellie, Artist, Illustrator & Creative Consultant February 2020

Now offering 'Pay What You Can Afford'

☛ Want to grow your business?
☛ Are you worried that you are stuck in a creative rut?
☛ Need to increase your profits and improve your marketing?

As a business development coach I can help revitalise creativity and passion in your business. I will help you to develop opportunities and together we will translate these into workable objectives and goals as part of your business plan.

Previous clients include Illustrators, Photographers, Painters, Graphic Designers, Jewellery Designers etc.,

I have a healthy dose of common sense, am very organised and am extremely reliable, flexible and (most importantly) good humoured and as an artist myself I have a great deal of empathy with creative people.
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